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Aug 22, 2019 | 1 comment

An easy guide for green campers

We all want to do more for our environment and the preservation of our planet. Therefore we have compiled a easy guide with a few guidelines on what to pack and how to camp without leaving your mark.

#1 Start with the basics

When packing your food for the trip, plan ahead. Use glass containers instead of plastic and avoid all plastic packaging as they only end up in the trash and ultimately in our landfills.

It’s not always easy, especially if you have children on the trip, but be mindful and try and buy food items in bulk that then can be stored in reusable containers.

#2 Re-use, re-use, re-use

“The lowest-impact product is often the one that already exists. Before buying a new piece of gear, consider buying used gearrenting your gear or repairing the gear you do have. “The longer you can keep a product in use, the longer you’re avoiding the impact that new products have on the environment,”  source – rei.com

#3 Trash – sorted

Bring along at least two reusable trash bags for your camping trip. One for disposable items and the other for recycling.

Leave your stand the way you found it by doing a clean sweep and leaving it in a better condition.

You could make a game out of it and involve the entire family to make it fun and encourage responsible behavior with your children.

At Kam’Bati River Resort we encourage our campers to do just this by having introduced our 10% credit on your next stay initiative for campers that use their own solar panels and leave no trace by removing their own rubbish from the farm.

Read more on other upgrades and green initiatives in our previous blog post called What’s new at Kam’Bati?

#4 Respect the river

This might be something we don’t always think of but did you know that body products like insect repellent, suntan lotion and even makeup can be harmful to the environment especially if it lands up in our Rivers and Dams – especially if it is water soluble?

Check the packaging before adding it to your suitcase. We only want products that are not harmful on you and in our river.

We found a lovely range called ‘Trek and Travel’ that might the answer. Have a look at our shopping section below.

#5 Let it shine

By using solar items and re-chargeable batteries you are also doing your bit by helping us get off the grid.

Solar energy is a non-polluting source of energy unlike fossil fuels and doesn’t release any greenhouse gases when producing electricity. Therefore it is a renewable source that is sustainable.

Retailers like Cape Union Mart and Take-a-lot stock a wide range of solar items that is perfect for enthusiastic campers with a green conscious.

Eco Friendly Shopping

Green products we love and would recommend for campers and outdoor enthusiasts.

Trek & Travel – Everything from shaving cream to laundry wash – travel size and eco friendly – phosphate free and biodegradable from Outdoor Warehouse

K-Way Women’s Raven Eco Padded Jacket – from Cape Union Mart

Soak it eco wipes and  Coghlans Pop Up Recycle Bin from Camp and Climb

KURO-Bo Go-Eco Glass Water Bottle – The KURO-Bo Go-Eco Glass Water Bottle is your new “forever bottle” – the perfect ultra-portable, reusable, non-toxic and economical alternative to single-use plastic.

Gimmicks & Gizmos Eco-Friendly Fire Lighter Balls – is Non-Toxic- SABS Tested & Approved, Odourless and Bio-degradable.

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