OENA Story

OENA Escapes

What started as a humble caravan park next to the Breederiver on the Badenhorst family farm turned into the Overbergs most awarded resort and glamping hot spot – Kam’Bati River Resort. This laid the foundation to take on other properties, estates and hotels to be managed with the same expertise and personal approach as is needed in a very competitive market.

The OENA portfolio now includes not only Kam’Bati River Resort, AfriCamps at Kam’Bati, but also the five star Jan Harmsgat, Mardouw Country House, the luxury family home Country Paradise House, EndCliff Safari Lodge, The Glen, Moffid’s Place and Sibani Lodge.

The OENA Management Team

With us it’s all about family and that is exactly how this success story started. OENA is made up of the last letter of each of the Badenhorst family members names (Jaco, Dene, Ian and Lienka Badenhorst) that founded the company.

Guesthouse And Hotel Marketing & Management Expertise


Our dynamic team, extensive skills set, knowledge of the industry and passion for what we do will give your business the competitive edge needed to not only survive but excel and prosper. By association we offer you a better competitive edge by upgrading your property to the OENA standards that are unique and guest experience focused.

Management & Marketing

OENA Escapes are able to give your business the full package solution including management, marketing, design, content creation, social media management and property development.

Our managerial style is inclusive so we access the needs of your business first and do a in depth analyses of how we can build and improve your brand under our guidance and leadership.

We are marketing experts and with this being one of our strong points as a business we will design a brand strategy that includes a marketing plan to get you connected to the right target market and in short, talking to the right people and to strengthen your brand identity.

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Why Oena

Shared Marketing Cost
Evolved Expertize and Skills
Less Development Cost
Better Competing Angle for Advertising
Less Design Cost
Shared Clients
Better Bargaining for Purchases
Expert Management

What We Offer

OENA Commission Referrals OENA Housekeeping Systems
OENA Training Academy OENA Client Database
OENA Website OENA Newsletter
OENA Business Development OENA Interior Design Consultants
OENA Online Info Books OENA Standards
OENA Social Media Management
OENA App (Coming soon)

How We Work – Dream / Develop / Deliver

Property Audit Approvals
Interior Consultation Exterior Consultation
Business Consultation Upgrades
Rebranding Staff Training
System Implementation Listing
Operations Activations


The OENA dream is to develop a turn-key product and the number one solution for privately owned accommodation developments and to increase return on investment with the delivery of a shared cost and a standardised module.