Upgrades at Kam’Bati River Resort

Mar 15, 2023

Jaco Badenhorst Owner and Founder of Kam’Bati River Resort shares a few interesting changes and upgrades happening at Kam’Bati River Resort

“For the past 3 years we’ve focussed a lot on the expansion of our Boutique Camping Tents in partnership with Africamps and the establishment of our Self Catering offerings at Kam’Bati River Resort. The reason for this is to make the resort more sustainable throughout the winter months when camping season basically closes in the Western Cape. Good news is that this has paid off, and our occupancy and ratings on these units are very high at the moment.

Next on the list is to upgrade our camping facilities. We’ve started upgrading our family ablution block to implement a Men/Woman split between the bathroom units, and to upgrade all dishwashing facilities. We’ve also installed about 80% of the standard SABS power points for caravans to ensure our guest safety and standard.

Exciting news is that we are also developing private ablution “PODs” for campers, which will be the newest in the camping industry. These units will be solar powered and have its own suridge facility to fit in with our 5 year plan to take the resort green with a zero carbon footprint.

Investment into Solar has started as far back as 2018 with our first 23KW Solar system that feeds back into the Eskom grid. Over time we will move all this capacity into our own Electrical grid. The start of this included the installation of our solar pumps from the river into storage tanks. We can confirm it’s working and a great solution to the loadshedding situation in South Africa.

All the braai’s at the resort is gradually being replaced with concrete ones, as we feel this is a more sustainable offering going forward.

Bookings for camping can now be done on the online nightsbridge system, which is a big step forward to reduce the staff compliment at the resort. We are aware that this not a camping norm, but once again we want to stay ahead of the curve and it fits in perfectly with the OENA Group standards.

To develop a resort like Kam’Bati takes big investment, and we are 100% committed to our long term goal of being the number one Green family resort in the Western Cape.”

On this exciting note we are launching our new resort slogan for the future – “WHERE THE RIVERS MEET”

Hope to see you soon!


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