Fresh and updated OENA Website for 2024

Jan 29, 2024

With the start of 2024 we’ve decided to give the OENA Website a refresh, and add a few easy to navigate keywords to our properties. When you visit www.oena.co.za you will notice our listings now show the closest town to the OENA property, and also what we feel the most ideal travel guest is for each property.

We now offer some of the best properties in five of South Africa’s nine provinces. All these properties is tourism destinations that we feel is ideal for the 4 star traveller and will offer an unique experience to our guest and friends.

The portfolio is growing quickly and in 2023, OENA Xscapes grew to 30 properties. Just another sign that our business concept is adding value to these individual properties.

Visit our website today to plan your next OENA Xscape!


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