Loadshedding in South Africa and how does it affect our guest experience

Apr 19, 2023

Loadshedding in South Africa and how does it affect our guest experience.

We chat to Jaco Badenhorst CEO and Founder of OENA Group.

Loadshedding has a massive effect on the tourism sector in South Africa. Especially over the past busy summer season, where we faced constant stage 6 power cuts.

During the past couple of months owners and partners in the OENA Portfolio has spend millions of rands to make sure we become less affected by the rolling black outs on the Eskom Power Grid. Some of these include invertors and Batteries to keep essential lights on during these challenging times. Other properties like Christiana Lodge, Abalone lodge, Periwinkle lodge, Kam’Bati River Resort, Gonana Guesthouse, Queen of Sheeba, Garingani 360 Private Villa, Mountains Mark Lodge and Sofala Lodge have installed solar to go even one step further.

At some properties like the Kam’Bati River Resort we even pump water with solar.

We’ve added the “loadshedding free” logo to these properties on our website.

The tourism sector have show how resilient and adaptable we are through the Covid 19 pandemic and now the next challenge is loadshedding. We are extremely proud of our properties in the portfolio, that have reinvested heavily to make sure we guarantee a better guest experience.

We thank all our loyal guest for their patience and support at OENA Xscapes!


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