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Plettenberg, Western Cape

Nestled along South Africa’s scenic Garden Route in the Western Cape Province lies the charming seaside town of Plettenberg Bay. Here, sandy shores embrace the azure waters, inviting surf enthusiasts to Central Beach and Lookout Beach. Venture southward to discover the rugged beauty of Robberg Nature Reserve, home to ancient trails and the historic Nelson Bay Caves.

In the north-eastern reaches, immerse yourself in the lush splendour of Birds of Eden, a sanctuary where free-flight birds soar amidst indigenous forest canopies. Nearby, an elephant sanctuary offers an enchanting encounter with these majestic creatures.

As the seasons shift, Plettenberg Bay becomes a playground for migrating whales, offering visitors a glimpse of these magnificent marine giants frolicking near the coast. Join us in this coastal paradise, where natural wonders and adventure await at every turn.

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